Delphi Firemonkey Source Code for Bluetooth Remote Control Car


Description : Delphi source code for Bluetooth remote control car.
Objective: Learn how to use Bluetooth technology in Delphi Firemonkey to control or interact with Bluetooth devices and gadgets.
Presenter: Daniele Teti and Daniele Spinetti of bit Time Software.
Source: JDaniele Teti and Daniele Spinetti blog post.
Software Versions Supported: Delphi XE5, Appmethod
Level: Intermediate
Source code: The free source code for bluetooth app can be downloaded on Github.

Daniele Teti and Daniele Spinetti of bit Time Software have developed an app to control the BBZ201 – Mini Cooper S Bluetooth Car via Bluetooth for Android.  Jim McKeeth created a GitHub repository for the project where you can download the code. The iOS version to be released soon with the same codebase.

The BBZ201 Mini Cooper S Bluetooth car can be controlled via mobile’s orientation sensor or touch-screen button interface. It has a super fast motor with full directional steering capability and can be purchase on Amazon for approximately $45.00.

The App currently does not have Bluetooth discovery, you will need to add the car’s MAC address to the source code once you have pair your device. You can add Bluetooth discovery feature yourself if you are interested.  Get the full Bluetooth interface in Object Pascal for the Android SDK interface project on Github which was loaded by Also take a look at Android Bluetooth API.

You can find out more about pairing of Bluetooth devices in a webinar video by Jim McKeeth which you can find in one of my earlier articles: “Programming Mobile Devices and Gadgets using Firemonkey”.

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