Firemonkey Rapid Mobile App Prototyping using LiveBindings


Description :  You will learn how to use TPrototypeBindingSource component to generate sample data for LiveBindings in your project.
Objective: How to rapidly prototype your mobile application using LiveBindings.
Presenter: Jim Tierney, Principal Engineer at Embarcadero Technologies.
Event:  CodeRage 8
Software Versions Supported: Delphi XE5, Delphi XE6, RAD Studio XE6, C++ Builder XE6
Level: Intermediate

Jim Tierney, principal engineer at Embarcadero Technologies talks about Firemonkey rapid mobile application prototyping using LiveBindings and the Prototype BindSource control in Delphi.  LiveBindings is a data-binding feature supported by both the VCL and FireMonkey frameworks in RAD Studio. LiveBindings is an expression-based framework, that uses binding expressions to bind objects to other objects or to dataset fields.

Use TPrototypeBindSource to generate sample data for the LiveBindings in your project. Once your prototyping of your application is completed,  you can then configure the real data source so that you see the new data source fields in the LiveBindings design. Then, use the LiveBindings Designer to connect all the controls and properties to the new data source. This tutorial will shows you how to rapidly prototype your mobile application using LiveBindings.

Besides the video tutorial, take a read the of this step by step Delphi Firemonkey Mobile Tutorial: “Using LiveBindings to Populate a ListBox in Mobile Applications (iOS and Android)“. Another good read is the tutorial on “Using LiveBindings to Fill a FireMonkey ListView” on do Embarcadero docwiki website.

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