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Using Delphi FireMonkey to Integrate with Popular REST API

Description :  You will learn how to use Delphi FireMonkey REST client library to create desktop and mobile clients which integrate with popular web sites.
Objective: How to create REST clients and work with OAUTH authentication.
Presenter: Marco Cantù from Embarcadero and Olaf Monien (Developer Experts, LLC)
Software Versions Supported: Delphi XE5 / XE6, RAD Studio XE5 / XE6.
Event: CodeRage 8
Level: All

Representational State Transfer REST (sometimes spelled “ReST”) is an alternative to Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, etc.) and RPC (Remote Procedure Calls).  REST is an architecture style for designing networked applications using HTTP protocol.  Some advantages of REST is that it is fast, simple and lightweight compared to CORBA, RPC and SOAP.

RESTful applications use HTTP requests to post data (create/update), read data (queries) and delete data.  In spite of REST simplicity, it is fully-featured and can accomplish the same things as other Web Services.

A new REST client library was added in RAD Studio XE5.  Delphi and C++ Builder developers can now integrate with popular REST APIs, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox and many more.  A TAuthenticator components was also added in Delphi XE5 for OAUTH authentication.  Take a look at the following videos by Marco Cantù from Embarcadero and Olaf Monien (Developer Experts, LLC) at CodeRage 8, as they explain how to use the new REST client library in RAD Studio XE5.

The New REST Client Library by Marco Cantù from Embarcadero

The New REST Client Library, Dive into the Details by Olaf Monien (Developer Experts, LLC)

Other interesting examples of integrating Delphi FireMonkey REST client library, would be Sarina DuPont (Product Manager RAD Studio) article on “Feeling the Beat with REST“.  She explains in her article, how to create a mobile app that integrates with Beats API.  The article shows an example app that allows users to search for an artist by name and then return the list of available audio tracks.  Also check out Daniele Spinetti of bit Time Software article on how to Access Marvel Developer API with Delphi XE6.