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Effectively Using List Controls in Delphi Firemonkey Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

Delphi Firemonkey ListBox

Description :  The advantages and disadvantages of List controls (TListBox and TListView) and how to use them effectively in your mobile applications for optimal user experience and performance.
Objective: How to effectively use List components in your mobile applications for optimal user experience and performance.
Presenter: Ray Konopka – Raize Software
Event:  CodeRage 8
Software Versions Supported: Delphi XE5, Delphi XE6, RAD Studio XE6, C++ Builder XE6
Level: Intermediate

Firemonkey Application platform in Delphi and C++ Builder provides to major list based controls called TListView and TListBox. TListbox and TListView can be used interchangeable, however for optimization and performance it is better to use TListbox for short list and TListView for longer dynamic list.  Ray Konopka from Raize Software does an excellent job in explaining the differences between the two list controls and their effectiveness in mobile applications (iOS and Android) to ensure optimal user experience and performance.

You can find more information of Delphi/C++ Builder firemonkey TListbox and TListView in the links below.

1. Mobile Tutorial: Using ListBox Components to Display a Table View (iOS and Android).
2. Enabling the Swipe-to-Delete Feature on TListView Items.

Also, take a read of one of our earlier articles on Rad Studio LiveBindings and how to populate FireMonkey ListView component from a TPrototypeBindSource containing some sample data. The tutorial will show you how to add the sample data and how to make the bindings between the prototyping source and the list view component in order to fill the list.