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In-App Advertising to Monetize Your FireMonkey iOS and Android Apps

Description : How to use In-app advertising and In-app payment service in your Delphi FireMonkey mobile apps.
Objective: How to monetize iOS and Android applications using the TBannerAd component.
Presenter: Marco Cantù, Embarcadero Technologies.
Software Versions Supported: Delphi XE6, C++ Builder XE6,  RAD Studio XE6.
Event: Developer Skill Sprints
Level: All

In-App Advertising, commonly referred to as Mobile Ads, has become very popular among mobile app developers.  In-App Advertising works by allowing ads to run on space sold within your mobile app. The revenue generated from these ads are based on number of user impressions and/or clicks.

In-App Advertising is potentially a more scalable method of monetization.  Although running ads in your app can somewhat impact the user experience, it can be an excellent choice for apps with lots of content and user engagement such as games, news, chat and entertainment category apps.

One of the new features in RAD Studio XE6, is built-in support (via components) for In-App Payment Services and In-App Advertising.  The In-app payment services via the TInAppPurchase component, enable you to sell digital content directly within your iOS and Android applications.  The In-App Advertising uses the TBannerAd component to enable you to show ads on your iOS and Android applications to obtain income.

In the following video, Marco Cantù from Embarcadero Technologies does a really nice job explaining how to add Ads to Monetize your Mobile App.  Also, read his articles “Using AdMob in an Android Delphi app” and “Advertising with Delphi XE6 on iOS” for step by step examples on how to use In-App Advertising.

For more information on the above topic, see Adding In-App Payments to Your Mobile Apps and  Adding Advertising to Your Mobile Apps.

Developing A Simple Mobile Game With Delphi FireMonkey

Description :  Developing a simple mobile game with Delphi FireMonkey.
Objective: Learn how to design and develop a Bejeweled clone game for iOS and Android mobile devices using Delphi XE5 and FireMonkey.
Presenter:Joaquin Monedero – Embarcadero.
Event:  CodeRage 8.
Software Versions Supported: Delphi XE5 / XE6
Level: All
Source code: The free source code for Bejeweled clone can be downloaded on Github.

It is being predicted by analysts that with the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets on the market, mobile devices will be the primary hardware for gaming by 2016.  The 2013 data released by the State of the Industry Survey, 55% of the participants in last year’s Game Developers Conference are interested in porting their console and PC games for smartphones and tablets and 58% of these developers are planning on launching their next creations on mobile platforms – specifically Android and iOS.

With the gaming market growing so rapidly, Rad Studio XE6 gives developers a huge advantage with its multi platform capabilities, helping developers get to market faster than the competition.  Watch Joaquin Monedero from Embarcadero do a splendid job explaining how to design and develop games for iOS and Android mobile devices using Delphi XE5 and FireMonkey.